This Pub Is Now Serving The Twister Ice Cream Cocktail



Looks like our prayers have been answered, folks!

Earlier in the week we told you about the Tangle Twister Daiquiri, the cocktail-version of our childhood favourite ice pop/ice cream the Twister.

The concoction, dreamed up by The Boozey Swine, looked absolutely phenomenal, but there was a slight catch: it'd take you over two hours to make. And we're not that patient.

What we really needed was for someone else to make it for us... and now someone has.

A post shared by The Paddocks (@thepaddockss) on

A post shared by The Paddocks (@thepaddockss) on

That's right, the Tangle Twister Daiquiri can now be found in The Paddocks in Little Pace, Clonee, D15. It can be spotted after the Blanchardstown exit on the N3.

For many it'll be a bit out of the way, but we like to think of this as something of a pilgrimage – at least until some city centre spots get in on the action (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Roadtrip, anyone?

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