The Twister Ice Cream Is Now A Cocktail And It's The Best Thing Ever

Holy mother of God...

Twister Gorgeous

Do you want to know what the greatest idea that ever was, or ever will be, is? We'll tell you: converting the Twister ice cream into cocktail-form. 

An absolute genius by the name of Andrew O'Donnell created this recipe for his blog The Boozey Swine while a bit bored on a Monday evening.

O'Donnell dubbed his concoction the Tangle Twister Daiquiri, explaining his reasoning behind the name, 

Because, by Jaysus, you'll be fairly Tangled after this Twister I can tell you.

Can't argue with that logic.

But let's get down to business, here's what you'll need to make this beauty.


Hand blender, icing syringe, three plastic containers.


A punnet of fresh strawberries, tinned pineapple, tinned pears, vanilla ice cream, green food colouring, caster sugar, rum, pear cider.


Stage 1

Leave the vanilla ice cream out to melt for a bit while you get on with things. Trim the tops off of the strawberries and blend them.


Stage 2

Top the blended strawberries off with some caster sugar and three measures of rum (or to taste) and blend together until it looks like this, and put in the freezer.


Stage 3

Now blend a couple of tinned pear halves with some juice, a generous dose of pear cider, two measures of rum, another dose of sugar, and enough green food colouring to get that Twister shade just right.

Then, just as with the strawberry, place the blended mix in a plastic container and freeze.


Stage 4

Now to make the soft serve pineapple ice cream. Take your semi-melted vanilla ice cream and add three rings of tinned pineapple along with some of the juice – and maybe a couple more measures of rum, if you're feeling it.

Then blend and freeze. 


Stage 5

Let two hours pass and you'll have this...


Stage 6

At this point they should be hard but not solid blocks of ice. Maybe give each container 10 seconds in the microwave, this'll make them easier to mush without being too watery.

Then use an icing syringe to layer the ice cream, you can add the pear and strawberry layers with a spoon.


Stage 7

With that all done, you should be left with the magnificent creation that is the Tangle Twister.


We heartily recommend you whip these up at the earliest possible opportunity. Who's up for it?

H/T DailyEdge.

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