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This Temple Bar Live Stream Will Show You Some Very Confused Tourists Today

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We’re sorry to inform any tourists who may be reading this, but you’ve arrived on what is probably the worst day of the year for a trip to Dublin — thanks to Good Friday.

You may want nothing more than to sit in a traditional Irish pub and have a pint of Guinness with the locals, but it’s actually illegal to sell alcohol today.

Because Jesus.

With Temple Bar being a beacon to Dublin’s tourist hordes, a live feed from Earthcam.com will let you actually witness the disappointment of our city’s guests. Sorry guys, but you might have better luck next year

You can expect scenes of even greater disappointment come evening. Someone should really tell these guys that that La Peniche is still serving drink, but it’ll probably be jammers tonight.

To see the live stream of Temple Bar, just click HERE.

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