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15th Aug 2020

‘Time to wake up’ – Dublin publicans demand support

Sarah Finnan


Pubs all across Ireland have been stepping out in solidarity of one another. Part of a nationwide campaign, publicans are calling for “support not sympathy” – asking Government to put proper measures in place to help those who are struggling given the current circumstances.

For many business owners around Ireland, today marks the five-month anniversary of being closed. Understandably not cause for celebration, publicans have been using the occasion to put pressure on Government and call for “support not sympathy”.

Forced to close back in early March, over 3,500 pubs remain closed with 25,000 publicans, staff and families affected. Writing that the industry is “long past the time for Government ‘sympathy'”, the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) is amongst those who have been highlighting all of the city’s amazing pubs.

Countless Dublin pubs have stepped out in solidarity with their fellow publicans, including Harry Byrne’s in Clontarf who tweeted to say that pubs are a big part of Irish culture and life.

Staff at Sean’s Bar, Ireland’s oldest pub, along with others all around the country, have also taken part in the campaign. Saying that they are not confident that they will be allowed to reopen anytime soon, they’re asking Government to provide meaningful support packages for the industry.

Header image via Twitter/Harry Byrne’s Clontarf

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