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05th Jul 2020

Uproar over crowds gathering in Dame Lane over the weekend

Sarah Finnan

This comes after owners of Dublin pub 57 The Headline took to Twitter to say that they were “very disappointed with the behaviour in the city”, claiming that there was “zero control and no responsibility taken by the public or businesses”.

Footage of Dublin city centre has been widely circulated online in the past 48 hours with many criticising the photos/videos and saying that it shows a complete lack of respect for government guidelines. Showing large groups of people and crowded streets, passersby have said that much of the action was confined to the Dame Lane area, noting that there was little to no social distancing going on.

While locals have agreed that businesses need to reopen and life needs to go on, many have described the footage as irresponsible – adding that it is a “slap in the face” to health workers who have been working tirelessly on the frontlines against Covid-19.

Local restaurant Gaillot et Gray, a family-run French style pizzeria and bakery on Clanbrassil street, also weighed in on the matter writing:

“Oh hey Dublin! Cop the f on! Tonight at 9:30, just one of many jammers streets.”

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