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Urban Decay Is Now Up And Almost Running On Grafton Street

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Make-up addicts – REJOICE – as work has started on beauty haven Urban Decay, which received planning permission back on January 26. 

The edgy make up brand is setting up shop at 50 Grafton Street, wedged in between Celtic Jewellery and Londis. 

The store presently looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017 03 16 At 12 06 56
Screen Shot 2017 03 16 At 12 07 04
Screen Shot 2017 03 16 At 12 06 32

With the hopes of looking like this in the coming months, according to Dublin City Council. 

Urban Decay Grafton Street

According to the plans, the ground floor will include a window display of items located within the shop floor for sale, demonstration stands for customers and product displays for browsing and testing the products.

The first floor will include make-up consultation services with professional make-up artists, demonstrations and events for customers who are set on browsing.

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