Video shows dozens of people queuing to view a rental property in Cabra

By Fiona Frawley

September 14, 2022 at 12:55pm


As the housing crisis worsens.

If you've recently found yourself looking for a home to rent in Dublin over the past couple of years, you'll sadly be well acquainted with this type of scene.

A video shared on Twitter yesterday morning shows a long queue on the Cabra Road, as people waited to view a property in the area.

The average monthly rental price for an apartment in Cabra is about €2,000 (as per a search by Lovin on, and, but we also spotted this "studio" (which, in Dublin rental language means a box room with kitchen counters touching the foot of the single bed) for €750 per month.

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A number of people have responded to the disheartening footage shared on Twitter by user James Cullen - one person wrote:

The reason why I’m literally hours away from being forced to decide whether I must resign from my job and move, because in Dublin today, even when you can afford to live, it doesn’t mean you’ll find a place to. If the last place I just saw goes to someone else, I’m out.

Another said: "Broken system, broken state".


Sadly, these scenes are almost expected at this stage from anyone looking for a place to live in the city.

Header image via Twitter/james cullen

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