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13th Nov 2020

Viking Splash Tour set to face liquidation later this month

Rory Cashin

It could be the end of the line for the famous Dublin tourist attraction.

If you’ve ever suddenly jumped in fright because an entire yellow boat full of people were screaming at you, then you already know all about the Viking Splash Tour.

Usually found zooming around the city centre before entering the waters at the Grand Canal Basin in the docklands, the tour has been proven to be a very popular tourist attraction since it was first established in 1999, with their official website stating that they carry over over 115,000 customers a year.

As with the majority of the tourism industry, the iconic fleet of yellow Viking bus-slash-boat has been hit particularly badly by the pandemic.

According to The Irish Times, the tour “has not operated since Covid-19 struck in March. Companies behind the tour business, including Duk Tours Ltd, will hold creditors’ meetings on November 26.”

The report also states that some potential buyers have expressed an interest in the business, so it may be saved yet!

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