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10th Sep 2020

WATCH: A man was spotted paddling down the Liffey this morning and now we know why

Sarah Finnan


Not something you’d expect to see every day (or any day really), the video shows a man lying flat on his back as he drifts down the River Liffey. Seen wearing a suit and collared shirt, the video of the mystery swimmer has caused quite a stir since being posted online this morning.

A video of a man paddling down the Liffey was posted on Twitter this morning, causing quite a bit of kerfuffle online as onlookers tried to figure out what exactly was going on. Captured by Twitter user Mark Malone, the video shows a man – fully clothed – lying flat on his back and gently paddling down the river. Taken in the early hours of this morning, a small boat can be seen following the man from a distance.

Naturally, the Twittersphere has been rife with speculation since seeing the video with onlookers both puzzled and a little alarmed by the whole thing. Shown kitted out in a navy suit and collared shirt, the man looks unnervingly serene, causing many to question whether the stunt was being filmed as part of a music video.

Also catching the attention of Blindboy Boatclub, the Rubberbandits star said that he was ‘nearly sure’ that the man was his old tutor from art college and though he wasn’t exactly right, he wasn’t far off the money.

Thankfully, nothing sinister was at play and it appears that the whole thing was organised as part of an upcoming performance piece for Culture Night later this month. Commissioned by Dublin City Council, the piece is titled On in-between and sees performance artist Paul Regan explore the ‘open artery of evasion’ as he remembers summer in Dublin and the Liffey ‘as it stank like hell’.

The more you know, eh?!

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