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01st Mar 2020

We caught up with Dublin’s Dementia Friendly Barber

Alan Fisher

Dublin's Dementia Friendly Barber

We caught up with Dublin’s Dementia Friendly Barber who cuts hair for men who don’t find it as easy to make it to the barbers.

Joe has over ten years of experience working in nursing homes and knew how much men loved getting a hair and beard trim.

He could see that it gave them a lift and decided to take it on full time.

We caught up with him while he gave Ted a trim:

Joe will cut men’s hair who find it hard to make it to the barbers due to cognitive or mobility issues.

While working in nursing homes he noticed some men didn’t get too involved but they found that one of the things they did like doing was getting their hair done, having a shave and sitting having a chat with like-minded men.

As he mentions to Ted, “all the banter happens in the waiting room”.

Ted credits Joe about how he has the men in their “natural environment which makes them feel safe”.

Getting their haircut doesn’t only make the men feel good but it also gives them a sense of social inclusion.

Joe brings different types of barber paraphernalia with him like cameras, shoe polish, and old types of hair gel.

He mentions that this gives his clients “memory of when they were younger going to the barbers and that is brilliant with dementia care”.

“Dublin’s Dementia Friendly Barber is all about quality, interacting, reminiscing, dignity and respect in a fun, happy, upbeat environment.”

He has gotten a great response to the service so far with family members commenting on how well their loved one looks.

There was a constant back and forth laughter between Joe and Ted for the entire conversation which sums up Joe’s service.

The freedom to have those chats and take little digs at each other like Ted’s last one as he leaves – “If you ever grow any hair yourself, give me a shout”.

Dublin's Dementia Friendly Barber

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