'There's A Clampdown' – The HSE Has Told This Dublin Pub It Can No Longer Be Dog-Friendly

By aidan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We've always loved the idea of dog-friendly establishments across Dublin.

So long as they stay well behaved – and, of course, so long as they're safe and not running around the kitchen – there's nothing quite like a four-legged friend to breed a friendly, homely atmosphere in pubs and cafés.

Sadly, though, it seems that these days might be numbered.

MVP – one of the city's foremost dog-friendly establishments – was told last week by the HSE that they're no longer allowed to have animals on the premises.


"We were told we'd be prosecuted if we allowed any more dogs into the bar," co-owner Phoebe Fairbairn told Lovin Dublin, adding that she's a "bit devastated" about the clampdown.

We're especially devastated for some of our regulars. We've had a few people whose dogs have practically grown up here. As far as we were aware, this wasn't an issue – lots of bars and cafés in Dublin were or are dog-friendly before we opened.

We are (or were) only dog-friendly because when we did the place up, a few neighbours in the area who were walking by just asked. So we figured why not, we love dogs.

Phoebe Fairbairn


She said she doesn't feel there's much point in issuing a challenge against the ruling – but said it would be great "if the regulation could leave this issue up to each proprietor and to his/her discretion in their café/pubs."

And it seems like MVP isn't the only place to be hit.

"We were told there will be a clampdown on it across Dublin," Phoebe told us.

Sad times for dog lovers. We'll contact the HSE to see what the reasoning is behind this sudden clampdown, and keep you posted.


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