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22nd Jul 2017

10 Reasons Why Rathmines Is The Best Place To Live In Dublin


Ah, Rathmines. 

The often forgotten underrated hub that boasts proximity, community and all round deadliness in its quaint sensibility. 

Shaped by the canal and numerous patches of green – this no-nonsense suburb has housed many and left a mark in the hearts of so much more. 

And sure why wouldn’t it? In terms of neighbourhood goodness – it gets full marks all ’round. 

1. It’s a multicultural haven

Rathmines is a beautiful melting pot of cultures which specialises in opening its arms to each and everyone it has the pleasure of meeting.

There are often social meet-ups for those who haven’t yet gotten stuck into community life – with regular actually fun nights out for anyone who’s interested. 

2. The doors

No, not the sixties rock band. The gorgeous entries to some of Dublin’s most prestigious and beautiful homes. 

I mean… Just look at them. 

3. It has an Aldi, a Lidl, a Tesco AND a Dunnes

No mean feat. 

4. Food

Where do we start?

You’ve got the kitschy beauty of the Pot Bellied Pig, the Asian goodness of Tippenyaki and the fast food delight that is Ho Ho. 

You really can’t go wrong. 

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5. An abundance of facilities

A cinema, gyms, pools, parks, playgrounds, restaurants, library, shops, pubs, music venues – the list is endless.

6. This omni-present graffiti sign 

Speaks for itself. 

7. Really, really good pubs

It’s seldom you find more than one really deadly pub in one area – but Rathmines boasts them in droves. 

You have pub quizzes and comedy in Mother Reilly’s, board games and craft beers in Blackbird and cocktails with huge sports screens in Rody Bolands – but to name a few. 

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8. The best vintage and charity shops in Dublin

Fight me. 

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9. The Mart Gallery And Studios 

For those of you not au fait with the utter magic of Rathmines – you may not have heard of The Mart

The Mart is a renovated fire station with a primary aim to create a platform for new media, installation, sculpture, experimental film and performance artists.

It’s basically the coolest place you’ll ever go to – and is inspirational as can be. 

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10. And finally, The Bowery

Yes, the live music venue that turns us all into the sailors we all want to be. They’ve everything covered from Rock ’n’ Roll to Ska, Acoustic to Funk and everything in between. 

Nautical and nice. 

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So, there you have it. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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