PIC: A "Weird Mascot" Has Been Spotted In Temple Bar And People Are Asking Questions

It looks like a "discarded toenail" was one of its nicer insults...

Temple Bar Mascot Main

You'll always find some strange looking characters down Temple Bar but we think we've found an ultimate winner.

Apparently, that side of Dublin has got a brand new mascot for one its establishments.

You know, someone who will look silly/do something silly in order to bring some business into the place.

And the poor fecker has just got abused online, badly.

They've been called every name under the sun and you'd find it very hard to pick 'nice' insults that have been hurdled in their direction.

Temple Bar Pic

This was shared on Reddit by AinaAvata and led to such name calling that would get you more than five minutes in the bold corner at school.

"Fanny Flap."

"Looks like a repaired condom."

"Discarded toenail"

"Why does his thumb look like it was jammed up a pintman's arse?"

And they get much, much worse.

If anyone knows what this mascot is supposed to be, please let us know.

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Darragh Berry

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