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16th Aug 2018

PIC: This Dublin Bus Driver Done The Sweetest Thing After Late-Night Shift Ended Last Night

Darragh Berry

We salute Dublin Bus drivers and the insane amount of mileage they have to clock up each day.

It can’t be easy driving the same, traffic congested route over and over again while dealing with aggressive people who don’t understand that the bus is full or patiently waiting for someone to count out their fare in ten cent coins.

We’d be lost without them all the same, especially those of us who rely on late night buses to get us home safely from work when it’s too dark to walk.

Kayleigh found herself completely lost in the capital this week and was strolling around trying to find her way.

She decided to stop at the nearest Dublin bus stop and hopped on a passing bus. She told the driver that she hadn’t a scooby where she was and nothing more was said of it.

At the end of his route, the bus driver drove her to her estate and made sure she got in safely.

“I can’t thank him enough, such a lovely human. Dublin Bus, give Jimmy who drove the 15b last night a raise,” she told her Twitter followers.

What a lovely gesture.

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