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13th Aug 2021

We’re loving this gorgeous homage to Ireland’s favourite Bernese Mountain Dogs

Fiona Frawley

It’s safe to say we as a nation are wholeheartedly obsessed with the four legged friends of Michael D Higgins.

The country mourned when Miggeldy’s beloved Síoda passed away last year, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when new pup Misneach was welcomed into the family as a companion for Bród. These dogs are the Kardashians of Ireland, let’s be real.

It’s high time Bród and Misneach were celebrated in art form, and Dublin based artist Ciara Palmer has absolutely nailed it with this gorgeous mini-mural, unveiled earlier this week on Parkgate Street as part of the Dublin Canvas Project.

She really captured their essence, don’t you think?

Forever the poet, Miggeldy’s dogs are named after the Irish words for courage and pride. Wouldn’t be like him to have a Fluffy or a Rex knocking around the place. Ciara has factored this into her piece and on either side of the traffic signal box has painted the words “Éirigh le misneach agus bród”, or “let us rise with courage and pride” for those of us who didn’t pay enough attention at the Gaeltacht.

Speaking about her gorgeous capturing of two of Ireland’s best loved cultural icons, Ciara said “Inspired by the much loved dogs Misneach and Bród of Irish President Michael D Higgins who bring a smile to the nation with their charm, playfulness and undeniable cuteness”. We love it!

Header image via Instagram/Michael D Higgins 2018

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