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02nd Jul 2020

‘We’re on our knees’ – City centre spots urge people to cancel reservations ahead of time

James Fenton

Two popular city centre spots have pleaded with the public to cancel their reservations instead of deciding not to show up.

Just days into phase 3,  and the reopening of restaurants and pubs that serve food, both The Bank on College Green and Las Tapas de Lola on Wexford Street have asked people to cancel reservations ahead of time if they don’t plan to show up.

The Bank, located just yards from Trinity College, tweeted this morning to say ‘Please only make reservations for dinner if you genuinely plan on going for dinner, we’re an industry on our knees and the constant cancellations and no shows are very frustrating and damaging.’

They added that ‘walk-ins are welcome, thanks for all the support from our loyal customers and friends.’

Meanwhile, a kilometre south of College Green on Wexford street, Las Tapas de Lola have expressed their own displeasure at people not showing up. They wrote: ‘Never one to moan… BUT… if you can’t make it to your booking, especially when we’re all working on a much-reduced capacity & holding on for dear life… please please please call to cancel (even if five mins after your supposed arrival time.’

They later added: ‘One thing we love in Lola is the broad spectrum of people who cross our doors. We especially love those who we know may be living away from home (& want a taste of home) who (along with others) have saved their pennies to join us. Asking for a deposit from these customers is never what we were about and they’re never the ones to no show. We don’t want to change the ethos of Lola, just ask for a bit of courtesy.’

Before lockdown, this issue was becoming quite a regular occurrence in Dublin but hopefully with the food industry having gone through such a hard time, people will start to think twice about not showing up.

(header pic: The Bank on College Green)