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20th Dec 2016

We’re Always Going On About How Great Dublin’s Sambos Are, And New York Has FINALLY Noticed


We always knew that Dublin’s sambos were a cut of Toonsbridge mozzerella above the rest, but now the rest of the world is noticing.

Yesterday The New York Times posted a piece about how Dublin’s fantastic sandwiches are getting us through the recession, bite by bite. 

They highlighted the valiant contribution to the sandwich world made, in particular, by The Green Bench Café, 147 Deli, Brother Hubbard, Sister Sadie, The Fumbally, Oxmanstown and Cotto. And with sambos like this, it’s not hard to see why…

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They seemed to particularly like Oxmanstown‘s pork belly sourdough roll:

”He marinates the fatty, succulent pork in spices that include cardamom and star anise, and accents the meat with quick-pickled grated carrot and apple and aioli that has been spiked with sriracha chile sauce.”

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While they did pick out some of the best, they also seemed to miss out on a few of our favourites. But we’ll let it slide this time…

So, there you have it, eateries on our doorstep are so good they’re going global! How lucky we are to live in such a tasty sandwich metropolis.

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