What's happening with Roma II? The mystery of one of Dublin's most iconic chippers

By Fiona Frawley

September 28, 2022 at 4:09pm


Frequenters of Whelans, Flannery's, Devitts and Ryan's will be well acquainted with the Wexford Street takeaway.

As will fans of the late great Anthony Bourdain, who famously paid a visit to Roma II back in 2013 as part of his show, The Layover. The tv chef chowed down on whirly burgers, smoked cod and garlic cheese chips, and also became familiar with an age-old Irish proverb: "Taco fries - they look the same on the way in and out".

The late Anthony Bourdain at Roma II, Wexford Street. 

Since this dalliance with fame, Roma II carried on as normal, loyally serving anyone in the Wexford/Camden Street area in need of a post-night out feed.

Sadly, as was the way with a number of businesses across Dublin, Roma II never reopened its doors post-pandemic. Its absence was felt by all, and even more so when this mysterious message appeared in the window.

Roma II Wexford Street, July 2022. 

Its original green and white signage was replaced with a more minimalist black bubble font and below this, Roma put forth an interesting proposition - 'Rent this restaurant for €8 an hour'. Our interest was naturally piqued - rent it for what? A sesh? An exhibition? A chipper inspired tea-party? We emailed the displayed contact address to enquire, but never heard back.

Fast forward to September, and the restaurant rental offer has been removed from the window. Did anyone come forward to rent Roma out by the hour? Will we ever see whirly burgers on Wexford Street again? What's to become of this once-famed Dublin 2 chipper?

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for updates, and if you have any leads, feel free to let us know!


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