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20th Apr 2017

You Can Now Get A Chocolate Board For Dessert In Dublin


Well, have we got news for you. 

Great news, in fact, for those of you who aren’t into cheese – as Chocolate Boards are now officially available in Dublin. 

That’s right: Chocolate Boards. 

Behold, the chocolate masterpiece in all it’s glory

As you may have already guessed, the delicious creation is available from BoCo Pizza on Bolton Street. BoCo specialise in delicious, flavoursome and crispy pizza – and, of course, chocolate boards.

A match made in heaven if we ever heard one. 

Want to try them out?

Course you do. They cater to everyone, and even boast vegan options on the menu.

BoCo pizza is located at 57 Bolton Street, Dublin 1. 

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