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20th Apr 2017

This Genius Pop-Up Cafe Will Be Serving Your Fave Comfort Food Next Week


What’s the one thing you eat when you’re hungry af but can’t be bothered to make real food? We’re betting it’s probz the classic cuisine of ‘Beans on Toast‘.

Warm, filling, and completely effortless, there hasn’t been one time in our bean-eating lives that this combo has failed us. 

You’ll be chuffed to know then that Heinz Beans has announced a new pop-up cafe in town next week that will serve all your favourite beans ‘n’ toast toppings.

The cafe will be at at 33 Wicklow Street, Dublin from 24 – 30th April and is sure to be jammed with people shoving juicy Heinz into their gobs. Mmm.

The brand also said today that you can “pay for your beanz by social meanz”, adding that “all you have to do is give us a social shout out on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #HeinzBeanz50 and you eat for free!”

Pretty great.

Now it’s just the big question of ketchup or no?

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