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18th Dec 2019

You’d do well to beat the shortest taxi trip in Dublin this year

Darragh Murphy

Shortest taxi trip

2019 sounds like it was an interesting one for the taxi drivers in Dublin.

Lynk, Dublin’s taxi-booking app, has revealed the weirdest trends, stats and driver experiences of the past year and it makes for fascinating reading.

If you’ve ever felt guilty about getting a taxi to a destination that’s borderline walking distance then feel guilty no more because somebody got a taxi from the Shelbourne Hotel to Grafton Street in 2019, which represents Lynk’s shortest fare of 2019.

By contrast, the longest fare totalled €751 as a business passenger needed to get from Dublin to Westport and back again.

In terms of the most unusual item left in a taxi, one bride-to-be managed to leave her wedding dress in the boot but was reunited with it before her big day as all drivers drop any found items in the nearest Garda station.

The most bizarre request heard was “Can you transport my budgie from Dublin to Brussels?” while the funniest comment overheard in a taxi was “I thought Ariana Grande was a font.”

A total of 122 passengers ran away from their Lynk taxi without paying in 2019 and another 57 got sick in the car.

The most popular booking time was 8am throughout a year that definitely sounds memorable for the Lynk taxi drivers out there.