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Dublin’s Best Taxi Driver Has An Instagram Account And We Are Living For It

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So you and your mates have done it again.

You said that this time around you’d catch the last bus into town to save more pennies for pints. But alas, here you all are, sipping away, chugging those cans like there’s no hangover tomorrow and looking at your watch that now reads 12:30am – For feck sake.

You all argue over who has the glum job of ringing and booking a taxi but nobody wants to do it. The taxi pulls up and you pile in… You get landed in the front seat and you’re missing all the banter and sneaky drinks being passed around in the back. You ask the taxi man if he’s busy tonight, but let’s be fair, you don’t give a bloody f*ck if he is or not, you just want to get to the club now.

Well, what if it didn’t have to be like that?

What if you were arguing about who got to ring the taxi man and sit in the front having the craic with him? What if the taxi to the club was actually the best part of the night out? Sheer bants.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s following fun Instagram accounts. Some of you may remember that we discovered Eileen Style Queen a while back and she is still one of my absolute faves. Now there’s a new Instagram account on the scene providing a little too much entertainment.

Meet Bredan Fox, the best taxi man in Ireland:



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A post shared by Brendan (@thebesttaxiinireland) on


Brendan has a whopper disco taxi with lights and sounds and he’s always up for a good bop on the way into town. Whatever tunes you’re into, you can blast them and sing along for the entire journey – the literal dream. Brendan will be sure to capture it and stick it on his feed too, so you’ll be like totes Insta-famousssss.

His Instagram account is full of banter and you can tell that his customs just feckin’ love him.

Here’s what a typical night for Brendan looks like:



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A post shared by Brendan (@thebesttaxiinireland) on




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A post shared by Brendan (@thebesttaxiinireland) on




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A post shared by Brendan (@thebesttaxiinireland) on


Finding a good taxi man is like finding a soulmate and Brendan is the one.

What a hero!

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