10 Cheeseboards In Dublin That We'll Never Get Feta Up Of

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss a brie?

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There's something about sitting down with a crisp glass of vino, a few grapes and a board filled with every type of cheese imaginable. It's glam, it's tasty and it's completely satisfying, no matter what mood you're in.

Cheese boards bring me a kind of happiness that no other food can. I'm totally obsessed with them and I really enjoy the experience. It's much more chilled than ordering a three course meal in a restaurant. You can just sit back with your mate, properly catch up and indulge in delicious grub while you're at it.

Here are some brill spots to order yourself a whopper cheese board:

1. Meltdown - Temple Bar

Meltdown is the new communal pop-up in Dublin that specialises in... yep, you've guessed it - Cheese, cheese and even more cheese!

Their cheese board includes four selections of cheese, grapes and relish, along with a deadly glass of vino. The cheese comes from Sheridans Cheesemongers and oh em geeee, is it good.

It includes a dark, harder gouda that tastes exactly like caramel, it's unbelievable.

With big comfy couches, loads of space and late opening hours, you could find yourself here for hours on end - ideal for a night when you just want to chill with your mates and have a good catch up.


2. Cavern - Baggot Street

I adore this cute, little spot that's tucked away from the hustle and bustle on Baggot Street.

It's dimly lit, intimate and just a gorge venue all round. It's BYOB so if you're tight on dollars but still want to go out for a nibble, sure look, you're sorted.

You'd brie mad not to try this one.

3. Piglet - Temple Bar

Add a little bit more to your board- cold meats, pickles and olives.

Piglet specialise in Italian wines and tapas, and their meats and cheeses are some of the best to be had in town, plus it's super affordable.

This charming place is usually booming in the evenings and brings a little something different to our fair city. On a sunny day it's the ideal spot to relax, tuck in al fresco and people watch - Just like you would on your hols.

4. The Market Bar - Fade Street

This gorge open plan restaurant is great for bigger groups. With a wide range of tapas, you can mix your cheese board with some pretty interesting combinations and flavours.

Who knew cheese and prawns were so fab together?

5. House - Leeson Street

This elegant venue serves an antipasti board of fine cheeses, meats, dips, and warm artisan bread.

The board serves up Wicklow blue, Limerick cheddar, Cooleeney, goat’s cheese, crackers, grapes, salted almonds along with a honey pot.

Have to say, their cheese board is feckin' GRATE.

6. Fallon and Byrne - Exchequer Street

A fancy food emporium that offers delicious cheese board to nibble on.

The wine cellar in the basement uses the food from the deli upstairs. It's served in a real traditional way with quince jelly, grapes and crusty French bread to smear the brie on.

So gouda.

7. Walsh's - Stoneybatter

Every Tuesday, Walsh's lay on a few cheese boards to be passed around the pub for free, how bloody Irish is that? Love it.

If you're a big fan of cheese and you have your own personal fave you're also invited to bring that too.

That's E-DAM cool.

8. Sheridans Cheesemongers - South Anne Street

If anyone knows a thing or two about cheese, it's these guys.

They're masters of their trade and they will add to your cheeseboard experience by giving you a little information about every single slice.

Heaven on earth

9. Chapter One - Parnell Square

An entire menu dedicated to cheese - This place knows what's up.

€35 will get you a selection of every cheese on this menu – A definite bucket list meal for any serious cheese fans out there.

10. Chez Max - Palace Street

You'll never feel blue in this French eatery.

Cheese board heaven.

Header Image: @bandeadd @mdrn_mgmt

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