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STOP EVERYTHING: A New Cheese Pop-Up Has Landed In Dublin And We Need To Eat Everything

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I’d choose cheese over chocolate any day, in fact I think I’d choose cheese over anything tbh, except maybe my dog.

I’m always on the hunt for the best cheesy dishes in Dublin and when I heard there was a cheese pop-up on Stephen Street, I nearly fell of my chair. 

Meltdown is Dublin’s newest communal pop-up that serves melted cheese madness, artisan coffee and wine. 

They take the wonderful Irish delicacy, that is the cheese toasty, to a whole new level with a range of drool-worthy flavours.

There are five decadent sandwiches on offer at the moment, each one cheesier than the last. They even serve a pulled pork toasty loaded with mac’n’cheese, omg

This tasty number is the Spicy Cajun Chicken, made from sourdough, cheddar, cajun mayo, cajun chicken and jalapeno peppers:
Img 1028

As well as the sambos, Meltdown serve up some whopper coffee from Upside to put a kick in your step. They also offer a cheese board with a delicious range from Sheridan’s – the ideal treat for any cheese lover.

I think I’ll be in here a little too often, if I’m being honest. 

Img 1032
Img 1035

The pop-up will be running for the next three months and believe me, you need to try it before it’s gone – So get in there while you can. 

It’s located in a deadly space, with lots of room and big comfy couches and it’s open until late. The downstairs is class and it’s available for events or occasions, so if you’re looking to set up something, it would be ideal. 

There’s also some class bits for sale upstairs too – Funky socks, knitted hats, quirky jumpers and Together For Yes merch – Can you tell I’m just a tad obsessed?

Whether you’re a lover of a pongy blue or a classic cheddar – You’ve got to give this place a go.

Time to dig in!

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