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08th Jan 2020

An unbelievable new dumpling spot has just opened up in Dublin

Alan Fisher

An unbelievable new dumpling spot has just opened up in Dublin and we went down to get a first look.

I bloody love dumplings and this place has got to be up there with the best.

Take a look for yourself:

I really enjoyed visiting Little Dumpling on Mary Street. It is a small little place that holds about 15 people but the food is to die for.

The menu is relatively small but enough options for a dumpling spot and they offer really good meal deals for a tenner and a ‘try everything’ for fifteen quid.

In fact, all the dumplings are packed with fillings from some of the best local suppliers around and are relatively cheap.

Their head chef, Lily, has over 30 years of experience as a dim sum chef and all of the items on the menu are made from scratch daily.

They even colour some of their dumplings (green, orange, purple) using the juice from spinach, carrots, and beetroot.

So yeah, I love everything about it already but what did I eat?

Well, I tried as much as I could including chicken satay dumplings, beetroot dumplings with prawn and crab, roast duck xiao long bao, carrot, and spicy kimchi dumplings and last but certainly not least, fried Nutella dumplings.

Honestly, all of them were unbelievable.

As I previously mentioned, they are really packed with top quality ingredients.

I’ve ever had dumplings that packed before.

In fact, I really struggled to pick some of them up with the chopsticks but that’s a compliment.

The roast duck was hands down the nicest dumpling I’ve ever tasted in my life. It literally burst with flavour as I bit into it.

The chicken satay was also another highlight and I loved the fact you can get a desert one as well.

Deep-fried Nutella dumplings served with marshmallow and ice-cream. Perfect.

I really couldn’t recommend this little dumpling spot in Dublin more.

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