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30th Jan 2020

Brass Onion Bistro is an unbelievable new restaurant that just opened up in Drumcondra

Alan Fisher

An unbelievable new restaurant has just opened up in Drumcondra and we went to check it out.

I was sitting right beside the kitchen watching all the glorious food go out and I wanted to try everything but, take a look at what I did end up ordering:

How good does the Brass Onion Bistro look?

It looks insane and guess what? It tastes even better.

I check out a lot of new openings so I think I’m getting harder to impress but the Brass Onion just blew me away.

It’s in a quiet part of Drumcondra and the street was empty as I was walking up to the door but the minute I opened it, the sound of people chatting and Motown music burst out.

I couldn’t believe how packed it was for 2.30 pm on a Wednesday. That’s a big green tick from the locals after just one week of being open, in my eyes.

Right, down to the important stuff – what did I eat?

They have three menus for brunch, lunch, and dinner but I was ordering off the lunch menu.

I started off with some delicious wings that were covered in sauce, which is just the way I like them.

Next up, was cheesy fries with crispy bacon. Wow.

Brass Onion Bistro cheesy fries.

Seriously, they were a joke. Just look at how the cheese sauce was made on the pan in the above video.

Then the way it drips over the chips and it’s topped with the bacon. My mouth is watering typing this.

Obviously it’s not hard to find cheesy fries but these were sensational.

I then grabbed a burger that comes with applewood cheddar, bacon, avocado mouse and tomato relish along with the usual toppings of lettuce and tomato.

As you can see from the video, it has two thin patties which I really enjoyed and were still juicy.

More than anything the flavours throughout each bite were so tasty.

I finished off with some lemon tart that was delicious.

I genuinely could not recommend the Brass Onion Bistro enough.

There is free parking outside so no excuse not to make the trip.

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