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09th Apr 2021

Eight feel-good movies that are guaranteed to put you in a better mood

Rory Cashin

The best part is they’re all available to watch from the comfort of your couch right now.

Movie lovers will tell you that we love every single genre available.

Horror, thriller, sci-fi, drama, mystery, western, biography, documentary, the lot.

But considering the way… (waves hands around at the world)… everything is right now, what we’re on the hunt for is the movie equivalent of comfort food.

We want to feel safe and good and comfortable and have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside while we watch a movie that will have us in a better mood when it is over than when it began. And so, to that end, we present you the following list!

ALADDIN (Disney+)

Arabian Nights, One Jump Ahead, Friend Like Me, Prince Ali, A Whole New World… don’t pretend you don’t know each and every word to each and every one of these. The Will Smith remake was decent, but the original animated version remains the best.


The modern day remake of Emma stars Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Brittany Murphy, and Donald Faison, telling the story of a rich high school student who tries to bump up the popularity of a new student in her class, all while enduring the trials and tribulations that come with being a teenager falling in love.


Eternal grouch Bill Murray is forced to relive the same day over and over until he gets it right. One of the greatest romantic comedies ever made, primarily because it has Murray at his most sarcastic at the centre of it all, making sure things never get too sweet for their own good.

INSIDE OUT (Disney+)

Pixar’s modern classic needs to be shown to every single child (and adult) as an education in how to properly deal with negative emotions. Some very heavy subject matters are dealt with very intelligently, but the movie never lets it get in the way of being very funny and very entertaining.


Reece Witherspoon plays the rich teenager who nobody thinks is smart enough to get into Harvard, something she initially only wants to do to get back with her ex-boyfriend who recently dumped her. But when she slowly begins to realise her own potential, she quickly becomes the star student she always knew she could be.


There is nothing better than watching a group of attractive people hanging out and being real chill about it, and that is pretty much exactly what this is. Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Roberts, Garcia, and the rest make Vegas look like the ultimate destination for iconic coolness.

PADDINGTON (Prime Video)

Do we really have to explain why this movie is one of the cutest things ever created and needs to be watched immediately? No, we don’t think so. Just look at him!

ZOOTOPIA (Disney+)

Despite making over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office, Zootopia still remains a bit of an underappreciated gem. The story of a rabbit police officer teaming up with a fox con artist to crack a major case in the animal-only city of Zootopia comes with the very strong message of “You can be whatever you want to be”.

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