Five games you must play on your new Xbox Series X this Christmas

By Rory Cashin

November 10, 2020 at 9:01am


The new Xbox is now available in Ireland, and these are the five games you have to play on your new console.

Today is the day.

For all of you who have been waiting patiently, pre-orders in hand, today is the day you finally get to play with your brand new Xbox Series X (or Series S, if that is what you went with).

As per our review of the new console, it is a staggering piece of hardware that is hugely impressive in many, many ways, but primarily, this is a machine to play games on, and we all want great new games to play with!

While there are some fantastic pre-existing games that will only look and play even better on the Series X, as well as the games that will be available for download via the new Games Pass (which we suggest you sign up to ASAP, because it is great), these are the five games we fully endorse you buying alongside your new console and play between now and the end of the year:



As we mentioned in our review, the latest entry into the Assassin's Creed series is big and beautiful, and if you've been enjoying the direction that the franchise has been taking with recent entries Origins and Odyssey, then you'll also be very happy with this Viking-era set adventure.


Set five years after the events of the fourth DMC game, the special edition of the latest sequel gives you control of three different warriors - Dante, Nero, and newbie V - and their three very different approaches to combat, as they all team up to bring down a new Demon King before it destroys all of mankind.



Fans of racing games will find plenty to keep them thoroughly wrapped up in this off-road racer, while allows you to take part in rallycross, ice racing, super trucks, and off-road buggies. It also has a properly entertaining campaign at the centre of the it, some brilliantly realised weather systems, and a great custom track builder for those who want to go down that particular rabbit hole.


This first person mystery-horror has taken a lot of hints from Blade Runner, as you play a detective (voiced by Rutger Hauer, no less) in a dystopian future where cybernetic augmentation is the norm. You've been called to a rough apartment block by your long-lost son, but when you arrive you happen across the remains of a murder victim, and some very nervous and paranoid neighbours.



A very original shooter game, in which you fly on the back of giant birds and fire at giant air-ships around a world very different to our own. While some air combat shooters can be tough on newbies to the genre, this has an easy enough learning curve, and is matched by some visuals you don't ever see in this genre of game.

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