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13th Feb 2021

The Late Late Show has announced something very special for this St. Patrick’s Day

Rory Cashin

It will be doing something it hasn’t done since the show began in 1962.

Hot on the heels of a very different Valentine’s Day special, which would normally have the studio packed out with single folk looking to find love thanks to Cupid’s (aka Ryan Tubridy’s) arrow, The Late Late Show has already announced their plans for the St. Patrick’s Day Special this year.

Tubridy had the following to say about the March 17th special this year:

“In order to guarantee to have a bit of craic, and a bit of pageantry, on March the 17th we have decided to broadcast a special Late Late Show on St. Patrick’s night, which is a Wednesday, and we’re going to beam that across the world on RTE One, and of course on the RTE Player, so you won’t be able to come here, we’re going to come to you.

“I think it is possibly the first time in the show’s 60 year history to broadcast on a Wednesday night, but that is what it is all about, we’re going to bring together all that is brilliant and Irish in the world, for the world to watch.”

Until then, The Late Late Show will broadcast as usual, every Friday night on RTE One at 9.35pm.

You can watch Tubs make the announcement right here:

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