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09th Apr 2021

Twitter has discovered the Dublin Bus recovery truck and thinks it’s insanely cute

Brian Dillon

Twitter has discovered the Dublin Bus recovery truck and thinks it's insanely cute

Who knew the Dublin Bus recovery truck would be so damn cute?

It’s stuff like this that makes me love Irish Twitter. Someone has spotted one of the Dublin Bus maintenance trucks and Irish Twitter is pretty obsessed with how damn cute it looks.

One Twitter user tweeted a photo of the truck with the caption:

“I saw the Dublin Bus recovery truck for the first time the other day and the first thing I thought was “cute!” It looks like a little Fisher-Price toy.”

And you know what? She’s absolutely right. Why do I feel like saying hi in a soft voice if this ever passes me. It’s like a little puppy.

Another person tweeted, “I need an animated movie about this, with the recovery truck voiced by Liam Neeson. ASAP.”

Get on it, Netflix.

Meanwhile, another said, “I would die for the Dublin Bus recovery truck”. Too dramatic? I don’t believe it is.

And the CEO of Dublin Bus actually replied to the tweet himself in quite a slick move, saying:

“Glad you like our little Toy Truck @emma_costello__ & delighted you never really see it. You see, our top-class maintenance employees in @dublinbusnews do such a good job, it is rarely needed.”

Baby Dublin bus is the wholesome sight we didn’t know we needed today.

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Feature image via @emma_costello__on Twitter.