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15th Feb 2017

5 Fun & Free Things To Do In Town On Your Lunch Break


If you’re anything like us, the words ‘lunch’ and ‘work’ usually mean a quickly eaten sambo at your desk, with a trip to the outside world for a coffee if you’re lucky.

In actuality, this is a pretty unnecessary form of self-punishment. 

Think about it: You’re entitled to a whole hour of freedom from your desk shackles.

So make the most of it, you busy bee! There’s loads of things in the city that can be seen in less than an hour, will clear your head and give you a chance to stretch the legs.

The best part is that we’ve found things to do on your break that are FREE. Which means you’ll have extra cash monies for the weekend.

Here’s what we’re adding to our lunch-break activity list:

1. Stroll to the Science Gallery Dublin

Prepare to get the brain waves really working with a trip to the Sci gallery, which has a really cool exhibition on at the moment, Humans Need Not Apply, exploring the future of robots and machines in human’s lives.

Feel like your job could be taken over by a robot? You’ll find out if it’s possible at this free event.

PICS: You Need To Check Out This Incredible Robot Exhibition In The Science Gallery

2. Visit the ‘Dead Zoo’

If you can’t pet fluffy animals in work (*boo), then you should at least admire exotic breeds and ancient fossils in the Natural History Museum.

Okay okay, the animals are stuffed and you can’t touch them – but the range of the collection, which dates from 1792, is out of this world and makes for a really fun pit-stop.

3. Feed the ducks in Stephen’s Green

The city’s playground is an ideal place to spend your break.

Bring your lunch with you, and some bread crusts for the ducks if you’re feeling sound, and enjoy an hour wandering around the trees and lakes.

4. Explore the city with an audio tour

Make the most of the fact that Dublin is an easy city to walk around, and download a Dublin Discovery Trail on your phone for easy exploring.

You can learn about Dublin’s Viking origins, the havoc caused by the 1916 Easter Rising or the city’s creative side which leads you through Powerscourt Centre. The tours take two hours so you can split them up over a few days.

5. Catch a free musical concert

DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama do free Monday lunchtime concerts in Rathmines that will seriously brighten up your lunch break.

This month, it’s traditional Irish music but what’s on usually varies. It is free but you have to register in advance here

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