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20th Dec 2016

11 More ‘Humans Of Dublin’ Posts That Will Make You Love This City All Over Again


We’ve brought you the best of Humans of Dublin before. But there really is no end to their amazing stories – so here we are with even MORE examples.

Below are a few more examples of some of the sensational people our capital has to offer, leaving us more proud of the place than we ever thought possible. Who knew.

Hats off to Humans of Dublin, you guys sure know how to make us want to be better people. 

1. This eternal optimist

2. This woman making the world a better place

3. This Cinderella story

4. This personal touch

5. This lady reminding us that love, and self-love, conquers all

6. This post informing us that we’re all in this together

As well as this touching tribute.

7. This reassuring woman going against societal norms

8. The face of true passion

9. This demonstration of the beauty of strength

The incredible Joanne O’Riordain or No Limbs No Limits.

10. The importance of hope

11. And finally, your daily reminder that love is in fact real

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