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11 Of The Most Weird And Wonderful Bits You Can Find In George’s Arcade

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George’s Arcade is one of our favourite places to browse in Dublin. 

It’s full of quirky stalls and shops that sell things you won’t find anywhere else in the city. 

Whether we’re looking for a cupcake or a cushion, we always leave satisfied. 

Here are 11 weird and wonderful bits we found on our latest shopping trip. 

1. These light-up shoelaces for €9.99

Make all your mates jealous. 

Img 5693

2. This Halloween jumper for €25

Only wearable for a limited time but very cute. 

Img 5706

3. This cat purse for €8 


Img 5700

4. These emergency moustaches for €6.95

Instant manliness. 

Img 5713

5. This Pavarotti tie (5 for €5) 

What a hero. 

Img 5696

6. This pervy bird feeder for €15 

No comment. 

Img 5707

7. These Mario slippers for €17.99 

It’s-a me!

Img 5701

8. This Spiderman suit for €25

Sorry, we mean ‘superhéroe musculoso’. 

Img 5703

9. This giant Rubik’s cube light for €35

Lighting with a twist. 

Img 5711

10. This Doge bag for €35

Very 2013. 

Img 5715

11. And this teeny radio for €9.95


Img 5709

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