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Skyporn Central: 9 Places In Dublin To Watch Friday Morning's Solar Eclipse

By aidan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


It doesn't happen often, so when it does, you want to be ready.

On Friday morning, the sun will become obscured in one of the most dramatic and extensive solar eclipses of our lifetime – 90% of the star will be covered at 9.28am, meaning we here in Dublin are amongst the best-placed cities to catch it all.

But where's the best viewing spot? In the absence of many open-top buildings, it could prove a bit tricky... hopefully, however, this list should inspire some ideas.

Trinity College

The place to be tomorrow morning, the college is hosting this event to really help you make the most of your eclipse experience. There'll even be solar physicists on hand to explain exactly what's going on, and help you locate Venus (which will become visible due to the darkened sky). A cracking idea for the super-interested among us.


Sophie's @ The Dean

East-facing, serves cracking coffee. Sold.


Bray Head

Yes, we know it's not in Dublin. But it's only a 15-minute walk up to the top from the nearest car park, and offers sweeping panoramic views off to the all-important south-east.


Phoenix Park

You could have probably thought of this one yourself, but nonetheless, it's flat, expansive and there's plenty of room for everyone. It's also probably where the television cameras will be, so if you want to be on Reeling In The Years in a couple of decades' time, this is the place to be.


The North Quays

As far out as you can go, staying northside will stop the pesky buildings from obscuring your view as you face the south.


South Wall

Views don't come more unhindered than this one, so if you can make it out there on time, you'll get perhaps the best seat in the county.


The Marker Roof Terrace

Facing the south, and with decent visibility off to the east, this rooftop terrace provides a bit of elevation in a heavily built-up area.


Sandymount Strand

Much like the South Wall, this offers unrestricted views out towards the Irish sea – it's just a bit easier to get to at this hour of the morning.


Bull Island

Ditto this sandbank off the coast of Clontarf – however, you may find yourself blocked off by buildings unless you get nice and far north.



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