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Some Like It Hot - 11 Of The Spiciest Dishes In Dublin That You Need To Try

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Are you into spicy food? Do you put chilli flakes on your porridge? Are you never satisfied with the heat unless you're crying?

Then this list was literally made for you. 

Read on to discover all the spicy food that Dublin has to offer. Prepare for your tastebuds to be catapulted into a fiery inferno...

1. Chicken wings with Ghost Chile Salsa, Cortina's

The hottest of the hot. This sauce claims to be the hottest in the world, at 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco. Cortina's frequently do charity events, in which they subject people to the intensity of a bowl of these wings, for the greater good.

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2. Vindalu, Diwali 

We've expressed our love for Diwali before, and we fully think that everyone should hit up this George's Street haunt. 

Their vindalu is the hottest thing on the menu, with an intimidating four chilis beside its name. It consists of a spicy sauce created from onion, tomatoes, ginger and fresh grounded chillies, and it will knock your fucking socks off.

3. Kaeng Pa Jungle Curry, Koh 

Koh is hidden away in the Italian Quarter of the north side quays, and it is definitely worth a visit.

Their Kaeng Pa Jungle Curry is a Thai clear curry, made with either chicken or beef with long bean, pepper corn, aubergine, chilli, lime leaf, sweet basil leaf and butternut squash.

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4. Ledo Bedo, Monty's of Kathmandu

Served with either chicken, lamb or prawn, Monty's of Kathmandu's Ledo Bedo is a traditional Nepalese curry. It's served with plain rice, and can be ordered mild, medium or hot. But you're obvs gonna go for the hot option, ya mad ting.

5. Anything, Mongolian BBQ

Mongolian BBQ works as a sort of buffet system, meaning you pile up your bowl with as many ingredients and spices as you like, and then watch them be made in front of you.

The spices there are plentiful and delicious, as well as wickedly intense. Use this information wisely.

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6. Mixed red curry, Thai House 

Dalkey's not only famous for its beautiful views and wild coastline, it also has the incredible Thai House smack bang in the middle of the village.

Their mixed red curry isn't for the faint hearted, a hot red curry with chillies, bamboo, beef, pork and chicken. You've been warned!

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7. Red curry pine apple, Baan Thai

Baan Thai is known for their lax approach to spice, as well as only using the hottest of chilis.

Their red curry is a spicy red curry made from a blend of red chilis, herbs and spices, with pineapple, grapes, tomatoes, lime leaves, chilis, peppers and basil. It will leave you speechless.

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8. Phall, Spice & Rice

A typical supermarket chilli varies in strength somewhere between 500 and 3,000 Scoville units. Tabasco sauce weighs in at 2,500. And the ghost chili used in Spice 'N' Rice's phall is somewhere between one million and 1.6million Scoville units.

Eat with caution!

Spice N Rice

9. Gaeng khiao wan gai, The Chili Club

The Chili Club at 1 Anne's Lane is a hidden gem for lovers of spice. Their gaeng khiao wan gai is a fan favourite. It's an incredibly hot and spicy green curry with sliced chicken breast, bamboo shoots basil and green beans.

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10. Gang Keaw Wan, Thai Spice

Gang Keaw Wan is a dish served with either chicken, beef, pork or tofu with courgettes, sweet peppers and peas cooked in a green curry, with coconut milk.

While this may not sound as explosive as the almighty phall, Thai Spice are dedicated to cooking exactly what you want, exactly to your tastes, meaning they're happy to throw on some more spice if you see fit. Just remember to say when!

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11. Panang curry, Red Torch Ginger

Red Torch Ginger are also committed to satisfying their customers, and are more than willing to add extra chilis and spices if needs be. Their Panang curry is the hottest on the menu, and is made up of a spicy aromatic thick red curry sauce, served with thai basil and peanuts.

Delicious? Yes.

Deadly? Also, yes.

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