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10th Mar 2019

11 Tiny But Sweet Wins You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Dublin


Life can be hard, and living in a hectic, busy city like Dublin can make it even harder.

Some days don’t go your way and make you want to hide away from the world – and that is always the day that you’ll get stuck behind the slowest tourist in the history of the universe while walking down Grafton Street.

However, there are also a host of small little moments that fill our hearts with hope and satisfaction.

If you live in Dublin, you’ll recognise these sweet victories…

1. Making your bus even though it had already started to drive away

Whether you’re a Bus Eireann customer or a Dublin Bus regular, there is no greater satisfaction that flagging the bus down after the driver has attempted to close the doors.

Dublin Bus

2. When there’s no queue in Boojum

The lunch-time rush can be a hard one to navigate, so seeing an empty Boojum is like seeing the gates of heaven open before you.

Boojum Snip

3. When the Luas inspector doesn’t check your ticket

A bittersweet one, if you actually did pay for your travel. But if not, you’re in the clear.

Shutterstock 360035885

4. When you make it down Grafton Street at rush hour without bumping into anyone

All you want to do is go home. Not play lets-see-who-can-walk-in-the-most-awkward-route-possible. If you get home unscathed, give yourself a pat on the back.

Shutterstock 303143519

5. When the attendee is gone from the toilets in Stephen’s Green and you get to pee for free

Like every normal human being should!

Shutterstock 421390549

6. Having a brolly in your bag when it starts raining, even though it was sunny two minutes before

You shall get to work, and not like a drenched rat.

Shutterstock 452415223

7. Crossing the road before the Luas needs to ding

You are a master of speed and agility.

Shutterstock 360035930

8. When you go through Dundrum without spending anything

Self-restraint is your middle name.

Shutterstock 2173730

9. When you successfully overtake a group of dawdling Spanish students

This one requires strategic planning because if you get stuck behind them, you can say bye-bye to your plans.

Shutterstock 424847623

10. When the bartender in Coppers remakes your drink for free after you spilled it

Not that you were drunk, the glass was slippery…

Shutterstock 377929225

11. Knowing exactly what people mean when they say “one of the side streets off Grafton Street”

Those poor souls who don’t know the difference between Suffolk Street and Wicklow Street.

Wicklow St Snip