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01st Mar 2017

14 Of The Most Bizarre Things To Ever Happen To Irish Culture


The population of this tiny island might be pretty small, but out of that few, the majority seem to have absolutely lost it. 

It appears the media, news and music people of the country need to let the madness loose from their heads on occasion.

Here’s a selection of some of the best (or worst) examples, depending on how you’re looking at it. 

What were we thinking?

1. Sending a turkey to Eurovision

Yep, that happened.

And nope, it wasn’t just a dream. 

2. Yu Ming is ainm dom

The story of a young boy sandwiched between two cultures. 

3. Crystal Swing

The family group, made up of mother Mary Murray-Burke and her children Dervla and Derek Burke, that stole our hearts back in 2010 when they rose to fame. 

4. The Puck Fair Festival 

The Puck Fair is one of Ireland’s oldest festivals, having first been celebrated 400 years ago in the Kerry city of Killorglin. 

And what do they get up to during this festival? They crown a goat King and spend three days under this goat’s reign.

We shit you not.

Shutterstock 95357041

5. Jedward 

The Dublin twins who took The X Factor by storm in 2009.

6. The Leave It Out Woman

And the fact that she made several radio, TV and nightclub spawning from basically telling someone to cop on – extending her 15 minutes of fame into a solid month of pay outs.

7. The Dublin rose hip-hop dancing during The Rose of Tralee

Oh, hun.

8. Men in plastic bag masks reaching number two in the charts

The Rubberbandits, naturally.

Also, the fact that their comedic style is listed on Wikipedia as ‘gas cuntism’.

9. Irish model Holly Carpenter’s article about New Year’s with her boyfriend

In a national newspaper.

Screen Shot 2016 02 12 At 12 41 29

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10. Whatever this was on The Late Late Toy Show 

That moment when we weren’t sure if Tubs had gone too far, or had just lost it altogether. 

11. That time Pat Kenny was scheduled to appear at the Twisted Pepper 

No words.

Screen Shot 2016 02 12 At 12 59 50

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12. This time Nadine Coyle lied about her age on national television

And broke hearts the hearts of millions in the process.

13. When the whole country didn’t stop talking about Garth Brooks for two weeks

And went on, and on and on.

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14. And finally, this weird potato photocall 

A low point for Irish stereotyping.

Screen Shot 2016 02 12 At 14 24 03

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Screen Shot 2016 02 12 At 14 24 48

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