11 Signs You've Already Mentally Checked Out Of Work Today

Sure it's nearly the weekend!


Are finding yourself "actively disengaged" at work today?

Don't worry, it's Friday: we all are. With the weekend just within reach, it can be hard to summon the motivation to actually be productive.

Here are the symptoms to look out for should you be already mentally clocked out of the job today...

1. You're simply doing an impression of somebody who's doing their job


2. You've embraced a 'Fuck It' attitude


3. Because of this attitude, you've become impervious to criticism

"Oh, so you think I'm doing a shit job today?"


4. Your bathroom breaks are starting to, well, take the piss


5. You enthusiastically volunteer for coffee runs


6. 90% of typing is in Whatsapp Desktop


Cos if you're typing you must be working

7. You're not-so-slyly watching YouTube videos on repeat


"Sometimes I think I want to be caught"

8. You're liking Friday memes on Facebook and Twitter like nobody's business because they're so damn ACCURATE


9. You're willing to try ANYTHING to get out of actually working today


10. You're listening to weekend party tunes because you're already in the fuckin' zone


11. You have after work drinks arranged to go ahead the second you leave work

Cos you've been mentally prepared for them since Monday morning.


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Written By

Seán Kenehan

Seán is known for eating, drinking and writing, making him uniquely qualified to work for Lovin Dublin. Seán enjoys skipping stones wistfully, puns that'd make a dad blush, and referring to himself in the third person.