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20th Dec 2016

10 Things Everybody Is Thinking This October Bank Holiday Sunday


Bank Holidays pop up every once in a while as a thing of sheer beauty, but they’ve a way of throwing you out of your routine, especially with the clocks going back and it getting darker this October.

If we’re honest, we’d admit that our brains are all over the place at the moment and many of us end up thinking these rather unusual thoughts…

1. You’ve achieved fuck all

All those errands, jobs and loose bits you were meant to do around the house just don’t seem to be happening. Sure there’ll be plenty of time in the future for that. Like next weekend.


2. How the hell did it get so dark so fast?

The same thing happens every single year at this time, yet it continues to perplex.

Dublin Liffey Docklands Beckett Bridge night

3. “Should I go out tonight?”

You’ve been doing the dog on it for two nights in a row and under normal circumstances you’d be hiding under the covers with the fear of God, but you might just have one more left in you. Just go for it.


4. Getting anywhere tomorrow will be a nightmare

How the hell am I meant to get around my own city tomorrow, with thousands of stupid healthy people running between all the places I want to go?

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5. Another weekend being single

You’ve been out looking in your finest attire and stayed out till 4 in the morning, but you still can’t find a match.

6. Why isn’t there sport on tomorrow?

What the hell are blokes meant to watch while on the couch with a banging hangover tomorrow?

7. They serve brunch on Bank Holiday Mondays, right?

You’ve started to get into the routine of having a brunch twice a weekend and now you’re starting to wonder if you can break your own record and have three in a row.


8. Broke again

Most people have just been paid and after the pain of last month where you finished on a tight squeeze, you aim to start better this month. A three day weekend has not helped get things off to a good start.

9. Bank Holidays are amazing but…

If you exclude Christmas, this is the last one until Paddy’s Day. Why can’t we have one a month? They make such a big difference to our quality of life!

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10. “Will I get into the Pyg at this stage?”

No, this isn’t a David Cameron quote. The Pyg’s the only place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in bits trying to get over it/back on it with other like-minded folk. You’ve left it late though and you could have missed the boat.


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