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20th Dec 2016

13 Delish Meals Around Dublin For Less Than A Tenner


It’s no surprise that we love food. But more importantly, we love good food at good prices..

Dublin has up spoilt for choice, with everything and anything available on your doorstep (or within walking distance at least), with plenty of places offering amazing value.

So why not treat yo’ self to one of these cheap and cheerful beauties this weekend?


1. Cheeseburger and Chilli Fries, Wowburger 

Dublin’s newest burger hotspot is doing unbelievably well, and it’s no wonder with these prices. Their cheeseburgers are priced at €5.95, and their chilli fries are €3.95. Delish.

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2. Bento box, Ukiyo

A bento box is a Japanese dish comprising of three dishes, rice and miso soup. It’s quite the hearty feed, plus you get to taste loads of little things as opposed to one big meal – meaning you’ll never get food envy.

Ukiyo‘s is priced at a tenner, and will leave you full for the whole day.

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3. Any meal and cinema ticket, Just Wing It

So the two of these combined, in Just Wing It‘s meal deal, will cost you €15 any Tuesday. And considering cinema tickets these days cost upwards of a tenner, we say you’re doing pretty well. 

Also, have we mentioned that their wings are sensational?

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4. Pho, Aobaba

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles, herbs, and meat, usually served with either beef or chicken. And it’s absolutely bloody delicious.

A cup in here will set you back €3, while a big, hearty bowl will cost you €5.50.

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5. Marinated pork carnitas, Farmer Browns

Farmer Browns boasts an impressive selection of tacos (all under the €10 price mark), but it’s the pork carnitas that come out on top. Tangy, sweet and delicious. And, most importantly – great meat.

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6. Hanoi platter, Hanoi Hanoi

A Hanoi platter for one will set you back €7.80, but it includes an enormous amount; one of the summer rolls, two spring rolls filled with pork, prawn and crab.

Great meat, great fish and great value. What more could you want?

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7. Chu Chee gai kai dao Bangkok style, Kanum

Chu Chee is Kanum‘s Thursday meal special, so you can get your mitts on it for €9.99 every Thursday.

It’s made up of pan-fried chicken in Chu Chee sauce, with mixed vegetables on a bed of steamed jasmine rice, topped with a fried egg.

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8. #777 Sundays, 777

777 is obviously a great restaurant any day of the week, but it really shines on Sundays when everything on the menu, including cocktails, costs €7.77.

You can get anything from tacos to shakshuka to costilla, and still have enough change for the bus home. Unbelievable scenes!

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9. One dozen wings, Camden Rotisserie

Camden Rotisserie have a dozen wings for €6.95, with most of their side orders around €2.95. Order one of each for less than a tenner!

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10. Falafel, Umi

Umi is where you will find the freshest and most authentic falafel in Dublin. Everything in there is super tasty and super reasonably priced. 

You can get 10 pieces of falafel, served with hummus, tahini and chilli dips for only €7.95 – and you won’t believe how good this stuff tastes.

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11. Signature salad, Honest To Goodness

Roast chicken (or tuna, your call), bacon, tomato, red onion and smoked applewood cheddar. All of Honest To Goodness‘ deadly salads are priced at only €8, but this one is the best AND it’s healthy. 


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12. Nineteen organic Irish burger, Green 19

Green 19 serve up a mean burger complete with cheese, gherkins, onion, homemade ketchup and chips and a succulent beef patty all for €10. 

Be warned – this will leave you full for days.

13. Govinda’s special, Govindas

In here, you can get a huge (and we mean HUGE) plate of vegetarian goodness for only €7.50. It’s almost good enough to make you consider giving up meat forever.


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