13 Of The Most Hilarious (But Underappreciated) Irish People On Twitter

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Twitter's great and all, but everyone knows how easy it is for it to descend into a shitshow of negativity and moaning.

So you need it to bring the funny. And in order for it to do that, you need to be following some good people.

Here are 13 Irish accounts you might not have come across – and following them all is guaranteed to make your Twitter experience approximately 497% better.

1. Elaine Igoe

Could hardly start anywhere else. One of the most wickedly, consistently hilarious people on the web – in Ireland and beyond – she's guaranteed to make you guffaw at least once a week.

We can't show you her tweets here unfortunately, but you if you start following her on Twitter right now we promise you won't regret it.

2. Kate Demolder

A relatively recent addition to the team here at Lovin Dublin, Kate's generally at her best when talking about food.

Which is pretty much always.

3. Caoimhe O'Reilly

With tweets that will make you wonder how she stole your thoughts, Caoimhe documents late-20s life strugs in a way that will leave future historians baffled and intrigued in equal measure.

4. Fiona Hyde

Scathing, cutting, pop-culture-laden feminist brilliance.

4. Alan Maguire

He's the guy behind the Not The RTÉ Guide account, which is fantastic in itself – but his personal account also yields daily brilliance.

5. Aoife

Aoife will make you want to fave her tweets so often that you'll begin to feel like you're coming on a bit strong.

6. Chris Greene

Not quite so little-known, given he presents a programme on national radio and all that – but his piss-taking of social media eejitry is a wonder to behold.

7. Ruthe Phoenix

How does she do it?

8. Grace

Amen, Grace. Amen.

9. Peter

His username is pronounced 'Poverty', we think.

10. Mark Mehigan


11. Roxanna Nic Liam

This UK-based actor is an absolute gem on stage, as anyone lucky enough to have seen her will know – but she's equally good online.

12. Sean Leahy

Again, someone who will make you wonder how someone can be so consistently and brilliantly funny, yet not be a bajillionaire.

Mind you, maybe he is a bajillionaire. Who knows.

13. Neasa Conneally

A medical student whose cynical game is strong, but offset by a cracking wit and turn of phrase.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan