13 Undeniable Signs That You’re Still A Massive Child At Christmas Time

Christmas is magical and anyone who says otherwise is going on Santy's bold list.

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With only 8 sleeps 'til the big man shows up, the five year old inside of us is going a little bit mental.

The excitement really started when the lights went up in town, and we saw the Coca Cola truck on the telly but levels are steadily rising as Christmas Day approaches.

Here are 13 undeniable signs that we're all just little kids pretending to be grown ups once the festive season rolls around...

1. You're already planning your movie marathons for next week.

"Harry Potter better be on telly on Christmas Day!"

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2. You'll kick any family member who forgets any of your favourite household traditions

"But I always put the Baby Jesus in the crib!"

Jezebel Angry Kid Dog No No No

3. Catching up with friends over a hot chocolate is way preferable to a pint

Extra marshmallows - obvs.

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4. New pj's better miraculously appear on Christmas Eve or you'll have to have words

The magical Penneys pyjama fairy is a close friend of Mr. Claus, you see...


5. Still knowing all the words to the songs at mass on Christmas Eve

But you know that the best part is the mass is over, 'cos then you can sing along to the choir's rendition of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer with gusto.

Christmas  Cheer1

6. Waking up at 6am on Christmas Day to go rummaging for presents


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7. Not wanting to know what Santa may/may not have gotten your siblings

Thus refusing to be Santa's little helper in the weeks running up to the big day.

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8. Having a good feel of the gifts under the tree

And giving the ones with your name on them a good shake to suss out the contents.

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9. Still running the risk of getting a nasty cold unless your mum reminds you to wear a hat

Sad Jon Snow

10. Eating a whole box of Roses even though you know it'll give you the worst sugar crash of your life

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11. Quarrelling with your siblings over a simple game of Monopoly

Some things never change, eh?

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12. Getting uncontrollable giggles with your siblings at mass and getting dirty looks from the rents

Giphy 2

13. Having nothing to contribute to the conversation as the 'adults' talk politics...

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