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14 Terribly Perfect Christmas Presents You Can Buy For Secret Santa This Festive Season

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Kris Kindle - love it or hate it, it's sort of a given that it'll come around every year. 

Whereas it is the perfect excuse to show to your colleague just what you think of them (good, or bad) it's also another excuse to buy presents, and we all know that's the best thing ever. 

Here's a selection of some of our favourites, spanning a whole range of tastes and costs (but mostly suuuuper cheap).

1. How To Be Massive by Aoife Dooley

A compelling read. 

You can get this from any good bookshop.

How To Be Massive

2. These sparkly fairy lights

Because who doesn't want fairy lights, ever? Get these from My Shining Armour.

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 10 06 40

3. A designated work cup

So pesky colleagues can't steal your shit. Get these from Love The Mug.

15181243 727587250724044 6156816146634938706 N

4. This inflatable Santa suit

Because it may be the best thing...ever?

From Tiger Ireland

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 10 17 18

5. Eye catcher cleansing and correcting buds, Moxi Loves

Those who don't wear make up will never know the genius capabilities of these perfect, perfect buds. 

AND they're only a fiver

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 10 19 35

6. Grinch socks

Get the office grinch for Kris Kindle? Problem solved. These Grinch socks from Topshop are just €5, and the perfect gift to bestow to a complete Scrooge. 

Ts08 N64 Kbrg Large F 1

7. Great Chat Up Lines And Even Greater Come Downs

Got a mate who's a little tragic when it comes to love? Then The Gadget Store has you sorted. 

Annnnd it's just a fiver.

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 10 27 54

8. The 'I Would Rather Be In The Pub' Apron

Got a friend who's a bit of a boozehound? This apron from Gift Guru is absolutely perfect. 

1273212761 76241 1374683637 1280 1280

9. Bop-It

Do you really ever need a reason to purchase Bop-It? Get this one from Littlewoods

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 10 38 59

10. A personalised pencil case

Trust us, the office neat-freak would live and die for this. Get yours from The Brilliant Gift Shop.

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 10 40 58

11. Personalised wine

While we're on the topic of personalising...

Get the wino in your office a gift they'll never remember

3299 7907732443

12. Fart extinguisher

Got a stinky mate? Or a co-worker who needs a hint? Say no more

Fart Extinguisher 352X416

13. Cycling first aid kit

We all have a friend who needs one of these...

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 10 51 01

14. And finally, Repeal apparel

At present, the jumpers are sold out - but the bombers are coming very soon and the jumpers aim to be restocked very shortly. It all also goes to a great cause. 

Screen Shot 2016 11 29 At 10 52 35

So, there you have it folks. If you hear of any more dingers then be certain to pass them on!

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