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20th Dec 2016

15 Much-Needed Cosy Items To Help Us Survive This Grim And Nasty Winter


So Winter has swiftly thrust herself upon us once more, as she always does, and yes, it’s pretty bloody crap out. It seems like the rain hasn’t stopped in forever and your thermal vests all have holes from overuse.

But, all is not lost. The good people of the world have manufactured some amazingly comfy items that we all need so dearly in our lives. Some have even pushed the boat out even further with some ground-breaking new ideas. People are good. We like people.

Here is our pick of the best 15 out there…

1. These outrageously enormous blankets

Made by using human hands as knitting needles (no, really) these woollen creations are everything you could want from a blanket and more.

2. The mermaid tail blanket 

Embrace your inner Ariel and dive into a sea of pleasure. 

3. The twosie

For those who love the onesie and its glorious ways, but also want to cop a feel.

Onesies Aw 2014 05

4. The kitten onesie complete with feline holding pouch

For the cat lover in your lives (or for the non-cat lovers, that pouch can hold snacks too).

Cat 2

Pic: Unihabitat

5. The bear sleeping bag

Ever feel like Winter just wasn’t for you? Or feel like the human race hasn’t copped on to what a luxury hibernation could be?

You are not alone, my friend. Hibernation is alive and well with this full sized bear sleeping bag. And we couldn’t be more excited by the prospect.

Screen  Shot 2015 11 22 At 16 52 39
Screen  Shot 2015 11 22 At 16 52 31
Screen  Shot 2015 11 22 At 17 03 43

6. Giant fluffy animal feet warmers 

You need one of these in the office. Buy it as a Kris Kindle present to yourself, you deserve it.

7. These oversized abstract cushions 

On sale at Furniture Fashion, these cushions look so comfy – that you may never get up. But sure, why would you?

Screen  Shot 2015 12 03 At 09 10 26

Pic: Furniture Fashion

8. This strawberry donut beanbag chair 

FINALLY a world where baked treats and comfy seats combine to form a super alliance – the stars have aligned!

9. These insanely cute toast hand warmers

These little guys come from the wonderful world of Smoko, who live and breathe the words cute and adorable. 

The hand warmers warm up your palms whilst leaving your fingers free to get shit done, like a boss. A cute boss.

Screen  Shot 2015 12 03 At 09 16 52

Pic: Smoko

10. Delicious smores slippers

The best part? You can plug them into your laptop to heat them up! It’s almost too much.

11. This Pusheen hoodie

For all of you who have wished you could be mates with everyone’s favourite cyber cat in real life.

13. This chunky ‘scoodie’

Cosy enough to feel like you’ve stayed in bed, while looking normal enough to be in public. Winning.

Get it here.

Il 570x N 529474511 Q7vw

Pic: Etsy

14. This wolf spirit hood

Made from faux fur and fleece, you actually may never want to take this off. Get yourself through Winter with this.

Il 570x N 703455917 Fq6x

Pic: Etsy

15. And of course, this Tortoise cosy 

Etsy’s got you covered. 

Il 570x N 851049999 J3z9

Pic: Etsy

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