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20th Dec 2016

15 Of The Best Acts Of Wikipedia Vandalism Ever Committed


Wikipedia is 15 years old today, so let’s take a moment to celebrate it.

The world’s largest online encyclopaedia has always been there for us, whether it was giving us a copy ‘n’ paste answer to a college assignment or settling a pub argument over the name of the dog in The Snapper

But sometimes you won’t find the correct answer on the website, because some gas fecker has only gone and fucked with the page. 

Here are 15 prime examples of when Wikipedia was vandalised in the greatest way possible.

1. You may call him Sepp Blatter, but his friends know him as…

Wiki 1

2. Apparently, there’s a lot more to ‘Avengers’ star Jeremy Renner than meets the eye

Wiki 2

3. A disclaimer that all lessons in grammar need

Wiki 3

4. Sometimes the website can be a little tricky

Wiki 4

5. A brief history of communism

Wiki 5

6. It’s funny because someone out there definitely thought this was a genuine new fact

Wiki 6

7. The secret meaning of ‘Spot the Dog’ was revealed

Wiki 7

8. The secret history of Barack Obama was revealed

Wiki 8

9. The main reason so many failed their Arts ‘Classical Philosophy’ module

Wiki 9

10. Always remember the first law of thermodynamics

Wiki 10

11. That time Gary Oldman was outed 

Wiki 11

12. This ever-so-sneaky photo caption

Wiki 12

13. When you actually read the italicised writing at the top of an article

Wiki 13

14. We can’t actually find any technical fault with this statement

Wiki 14

15. The FULL list of So Solid Crew members

Including old favourites like Nadine Coyle, Father Stone and, of course, Scrooge McDuck.

Wiki 15

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