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17 Things You'll Instantly Recognise If You're Hooked On Pokémon Go In Dublin

By una

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Since its official release in Ireland earlier on today, Pokémon Go has stormed the app market like never seen before.

Dublin City Centre has become the hot spot for all of its Irish players, as it's teeming with rare Pokémon and abundant with Pokéstops – including a few rather odd ones.

So whether you're just starting out, or if you've been playing the game since before its official release, here are a few things you'll recognise...

1. Running into people on the busy streets

You've walked straight into a few fellow trainers more than once now after they've stopped abruptly on Grafton Street. You forgave them, though, because they stumbled across a Squirtle.

It's a common sight on the streets of Dublin now – the casual 'stop and flick' motion as they throw the Pokéball across their screen. Beauty in motion.


2. Rush hour traffic has become a blessing

Pokémon Go thinks because the 16 bus is crawling along at a snail’s pace that you’re actually walking. 

It works an absolute treat for hatching those 10km eggs though.

3. Leaving for work earlier than normal

You're now used to waking up earlier and making your commute that little bit longer just in case you spot a Dratini over by Trinity and have to hunt it down.

4. All the battery packs being sold out in Penneys

Remember that battery pack you bought for Electric Picnic last year?

Well you’ve exhausted that one about twenty times at this stage and as a result, broke it. Turns out you weren’t the only one – and the Penney's handy €9 battery packs are all sold out at this stage.


5. Merrion Square being a fine spot for putting down lures

You never had a reason to visit this park until now and you find yourself delaying going home after work simply to pick up some Magmars and Krabbys around this part.

Apparently a Vulpix was spotted here too!

6. Your screen brightness being non-existent

Your phone has permanently been set on the lowest screen brightness setting in order to save your battery life.

It may be a sunny July day but you’re squinting through it in order to make out where the next Pokéstop is.


7. The Luas lines being riddled with Pokéstops

Crowded on the Luas?

No problem, sit back and relax and rack up those 50 XP’s as you glide along the green line. Level up coming soon!

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8.  The Taxi Driver Jesus Pokéstop

This. Is. Literally. The. Most. Hilarious. Thing. In. Dublin.

9. Grand Canal Dock being absolutely deadly at lunch time

EVERYONE is on their lunch break and EVERYONE has set off lures. It’s a free-for-all.


10. Getting tagged in Pokémon Go-related memes by your friends who don't play

It's all you get tagged in this days on social media. 

Frankly, your friends think you're crazy. They just don’t understand. You feel sorry for them really. They’re the ones who are missing out.


11. Putting down lures in Temple Bar and making 50 new friends

In an attempt to catch some new Pokémon you actually are more likely to catch some new pals.

12. Never leaving the quays because you're trying to catch more Magikarp

I mean like you would practically be famous if you were the first person in Dublin to evolve a Magikarp to a Gyarados.

Pity it’s gonna take 400 Magikarp candies.

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13. Trying to assemble a team to take on a city centre gym

They are literally the toughest gyms in the country and beating one is gonna take some amount of Poképower.


14. Having an argument over which team is best

So you’ve run into some fellow trainers and the inevitable question has been asked; Valor, Mystic or Instinct?

You’ll either end up being best mates for life or argue for a good 10 minutes on why your team is better.

15. Reuniting over common angst because the servers are down



16. Leaving Dublin for the day and only catching Pidgeys

You now have more Pidgeys to your name than actual euros.

17. Trying to be social but ending up in the Pokémon Go app everytime

You were supposed to be having a catch up with your mates but you actually just wanted to catch 'em all!

Sure who'd want to watch the Lumineers when you can be catching a Psyduck?

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