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20th Dec 2016

18 Of The Most Awkward Moments That Every Commuter Experiences


Commuting in general, and public transport in particular are like rites of passage. In small doses, they teach you patience, organisation and understanding.

In larger doses, they can make you want to die. It’s moments like the ones listed below that bring you to the almighty conclusion that is: commuting is actually fine, it’s the people that make it so bloody difficult.

Don’t believe me? Here’s 18 reasons why.

1. The bag removal of defeat

Surely no one will sit beside me if I put my enormous gear bag beside m… Oh, oh well.

200 1

2. The Hunger Games-esque vibe when the vehicle finally turns up

”Hold on to my arm and don’t let go!”

200 3

3. The utter pain and devastation when you forget earphones

A fear that lasts a lifetime/bus journey.

200 8

4. The neck crane to check out what the person in front of you is typing

Looks saucy. Oh fuck, did they see me?! Act cool!

200 10

5. The look of death you give to someone who has their music too loud

And it’s always Starships – Nicki Minaj. ALWAYS.

200 13

6. Touching thighs with your neighbour on the bus and wishing you were dead

And the more you move away, the more room they think they have. Lose-lose.

200 17

7. The constant sight of chewing gum everywhere

It’s a lifestyle choice at this stage.

200 21

8. Spending a small fortune on tickets and never being checked

And getting checked when you don’t.

200 31

9. Someone eating tuna sandwiches on public transport

Such vermin should be excommunicated from society.

200 32

10. Having to answer the phone on a crowded peasant wagon*

And it’s always your granny who you have to speak up for.


200 33

11. Sneezers

For the LOVE OF GOD cover your NOSE.

200 34

12. The bliss of finding a seat, but having a stander-by’s crotch in your face

Seats are never worth the trauma.

200 35

13. Falling asleep by accident and waving goodbye to civilisation 

So long to everything you’ve ever known.

200 36

14. When your phone won’t connect to the bolloxed WIFI

Or worse, when it tells you you’re connected and it’s BLATANTLY NOT.

200 37

15. Falling down the stairs of the loo and not wanting to get up

Especially when there’s 40 minutes of self-hatred and sniggering left in your journey.

200 38

16. Realising you’ve forgotten everything you’ve ever needed just as you get on

And, in turn, realising you’re a big stupid baby who shouldn’t have responsibilities.


17. Being slowly suffocated by some Hun’s dreadful perfume as she sprays unreservedly

And accepting that this, is indeed, the end.

200 39

18. And finally, having to deal with this shite on the regular

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