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07th Jan 2017

18 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Really The One


Ever thought that even if you don’t find The One, at least you’ve already found your soul mate? And that you’re not married officially, but you pretty much are to them?

Then this list is for you. 

Prepare to tick off a lot, because you two are the real deal.

1. Their name in your phone starts with AA so they’re the first name to come up

For example:

  • AAAlana
  • AALouise
  • AAAnna
  • AAsshole

2. You call them any chance you get while doing the following

  • On a date
  • Doing a walk of shame
  • Bumping into exes
  • Alone on a dark alley
  • Meandering through a sex shop
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3. You are both your weirdest self around each other

Often forgetting what your real voices sound like, not being sure if they’ve slipped in a few bevvies without you noticing, and wondering what other people laugh about.

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4. Their family is your family 

And vice versa. You’ve dibs’d godmother on their older sister’s baby and plan on marrying their cousin Jamie if all else fails. 

You frequently nab shotgun and get the best pick of the turkey sandwiches on Stephen’s Day.

5. You have so much blackmail fodder on them it’s actually scary

Lift the lid on what you know, and they could be excommunicated. 

Or stoned to death, either or.

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6. You’re pretty much in a constant flow of communication

Even when times are slow.

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7. You have a hideous secret nickname for each other that only you two know

Which usually originates around a story when you did something wholly illegal and/or incriminating.

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8. You’ve forced your pets/parents/siblings to be friends

More time to play!

200 5

9. You know what the other is thinking before they think it

”I want it to look like that pointy building thing…”

”You mean the Taj Mahal?”

”Yes, exactly.”

200 7

10. You hate the same people and the same things, for the same reasons

Because that’s what you do.

11. You two are a package deal

And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

200 10

12. You know even the bleakest of nights are made better in their presence

Hey, do you wanna crash my cousin’s confirmation? Sure.

And we have to hit up my gran’s choral concert after. Slick.

200 11

13. You embrace silences

And will often go to each other’s gafs in order just to sit there checking your phone.

200 12

14. You have wondered on more than five occasions that, together, you two are the actually the most hilarious people on this Earth

U funny. Real funny.

200 13

15. And have often wondered how you two don’t have your own show yet

Like, I’d watch us.

200 14

16. You like their social media posts within milliseconds of them hitting the internet

And comment things like #breaktheinternet, because you’re sound.

200 16

17. You have to do every single thing they ask of you, just because

And you get to pressure them in cruel and unusual ways.

200 17

18. And when you’re drunk, you screech about how much you love them repeatedly until they say it back

…even if they’re holding your hair back and trying to avoid the splash.

200 18

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