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20th Dec 2016

19 Things You Can Learn From A Leaving Cert Home Ec Textbook


Home Economics was something you either loved (food), hated (science) or just didn’t bother with. 

And while the words Home Ec generally bring up connotations of whisks, scones and burnt oven mitts, it’s so much more than that. The subject essentially teaches you how to be an adult, helping you keep your body, money and life in order. 

We took a look through a Leaving Cert book on the subject to see what we could find; see if you learn yourself anything new.

1. Fresh eggs sink and stale eggs float

Finally, a way to check them before you throw them in and ruin everything.

Img 4926

2. Which parts of your tongue taste what

Cue lots of strange facial expressions next meal time…

Img 4928

3. How to attractively present your buffet

Don’t stray from this flawless method.

Img 4927

4. How to decode facial expressions

Phew, it had all just been a guessing game up until now.

Img 4929 1

5. That brown is a flavour

Who knew?

Img 4930
Img 4931

6. How to make perfect pizza


Img 4932

7. And ice cream

Wait, what?

Img 4941

8. And chocolate eclairs

What is this life-changing book of magic?!

Img 4942

9. That instructions are hard

Img 4940

10. But salad is always there for you

Even when you’re heavily pregnant.

Img 4934

11. What’s on the official list of leisure options that you can, and should, partake in

Standard weekend.

Img 4933

12. That manual labour isn’t that bad at all

Img 4935

13. But your First Communion on the other hand

Get some sleep the night before, that’s all we’re saying.

Img 4939

14. To test if jam is ready, you’ve to poke it

Until it wrinkles.


Img 4937
Img 4938

15. Being sound makes the world a better place

Pretty much.

Img 4943

16. A nuclear family isn’t one who has been ravaged by war

It is in fact, quite the opposite.

Img 4950
Img 4951

17. What herbs and spices go with what


Img 4947

18. How to not blow up your gaff


Img 4949

19. And finally, how not to blow all of your money in the first weekend of payday

Look alive, people. This is IMPORTANT.

Img 4948

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