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19 Things You Were Probably Doing This Time 10 Years Ago

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Oh, 2006.

When men were men and scooby doos were currency. 

Better times, easier times. We wanted to honour that great year with a flashback more flamboyant than the Saint Patrick Day's parade.

Enjoy, and don't forget to wb xoxo

1. Tying your hair in a scrunchy to before running some important errands

You know shit's going down when the scrunchy goes up.


2. Undoing your zip-off trousers after a long day of conforming to full length madness

GOD it's so nice to be free from the shackles of conformity.

Zip Off Trousers E S Active 24059 2 635633998375365499

Photo cred:

3. Customising the back of your Nokia 3200 with the same vigour as Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel

Enough magazine cuttings, stickers and glitter to liven up a goth.

Nokia 3200 1602

Photo cred:

4. Applying Clearasil to every inch of your pubescent body

Only to be met with angry, red burns all over your poor sensitive skin after buttering yourself with the aforementioned acid. 

11693965 906087076123088 426550181353538413 N

5. Sussing out what you're going to wear to the next rager*

*Underage disco. 

So, what did you go for? The bootcut jeans or the rah-rah skirt?

T Wb Fsnk

Photo cred: Reddit

6. Groovin' to Sean Paul's 'Temperature'


7. Telling your mates that you've definitely kissed someone 'on holidays'

It was in Spain. They were a ride.


200 1

8. Waiting in line for the original Step Up

At present, there are five.

200 2

9. Rocking out to Hannah Montana for the very first time

Oh Miley, what happened?

200 4

10. Joining Facebook

Yep, it's been a decade since you've signed your soul away and joined the worldwide cuddle group that is Facebook.

Massive shout out to Marky Z, for making this all possible. 

200 5

11. Being mildly horrified, but wholly repulsed (in a good way) by Borat

Cue the whole country googling mankinis and telling their mums that it was shit, in hopes that she wouldn't go see it.

200 6

12. Sweating in the most extraordinary heatwave

With the warmest temperature this century (and since 1976) recorded in Elphin, County Roscommo at 32.3 °C. 

Roscommon, like.

200 7

13. Tuning in to Aifric don chéad uair

And SWEARING to yourself that you're going to become fluent just in time for the Leaving Cert.

559257 193704720766752 1822525341 N

14. Breaking your Confirmation pledge

... guilty.

200 8

15. Picking out which colour Buffalo runners you wanted for Christmas

And persuading your mate to get the other ones you like so you can swap.

Il 570X N 537694204 G3Q7

Photo cred: Etsy

16. Begging your mum for dreadful highlights

Guys, gals and everyone else, you're all guilty of this one.

Guy Fieri With Frosted Tips

Photo cred:

17. Fancying Justin Bieber

Once again, everyone's involved in this one.

He was just so damn cute.

18. Weeping because you could never find your name on one of these

Damn my Irish heritage, damn it straight to Tír na nÓg!

Screen Shot 2016 06 28 At 17 29 27

19. And finally, inevitably tripping over the most ridiculous pants known to man

Ashes to ashes, shit trousers to... just shit.


Photo cred: Pinterest

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